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Our Philosophy


Kobe English is a marketing company born out of the 10 years of experience we had in Kobe, Japan where we marketed our own businesses, our services and our image in a very challenging and competitive foreign environment!  I arrived in Japan in 2000 with no visa, no job, no Japanese language and $300 to my name.  After a year of hard work, a carefully crafted and well thought out plan involving a mix of the latest marketing technologies and some good old fashioned face-to-face promotion, I had a profitable English Conversation School!  A year later I had two!

It is from this experience that I draw most of my philosophy regarding starting and marketing small businesses.  The application of technology to achieve a goal or set of goals is critical to success.  But, choosing a technology and directing that technology in an unpredictable environment requires research and also the ability to adapt to changes in technology and in the market itself.  For example, what is facebook?  Is it the fastest growing company in history?  Is it a platform on which you can apply thousands of strategies to achieve your goals?  Is it a big unknown? Is it a quickly changing marketing channel with thousands of possible strategies?  Is it just a trend?

Organizations that pretend to know the answers to these questions will most likely fail!  These questions of technological change are as unpredictable as the experiences that I had in surviving and marketing my businesses in Kobe, Japan.  Businesses are not all the same and there is not one solution for every business.  You can't take a business plan from one business or industry and simply transplant it to another anymore than you can transplant an unprepared person from one society to another.  Preparation, research, a carefully crafted strategy and an ability to adapt and redirect as needed is our Philosophy!

~ David Norton